Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo Pro 2K – 100% Wirefree 2K Super HD Spotlight Camera in 1 – Single Pack

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The new App Cam Solo PRO 2K, now captures in 2K Super HD Resolution for crystal clear vision with live streaming in more detail. The camera is a 100% wire-free, rechargeable, solar powered, spotlight and security camera in-one. The compact device can be placed anywhere around the home exterior to keep watch day and night.

Designed for Australian homes and weather conditions, the App Cam Solo PRO 2K can withstand exposure to the elements to continuously and reliably capture footage with a 120-degree wide viewing angle. The addition of the spotlight allows users to better see the appearance of anyone approaching the property, while also acting as an effective deterrent to unwanted visitors.

The App Cam SOLO PRO 2K can deliver Ai Intelligent Alerts ensuring notifications are received when people or cars are detected, while reducing the numbers of false alerts. The new feature of Privacy Masking also allows you to black out areas within the cameras view that you want to be recorded to give you extra privacy.

The 2K Super HD resolution delivers exceptional clarity together with the built-in spotlight, adds colour to the night vision footage up to 10 metres away to ensure a high-quality image. The optional Uniden Solar Panel can be used alongside the camera, positioned for optimal sunlight exposure. The solar panel recharges the App Cam Solo PRO 2K, while providing non-stop power during daylight hours, allowing footage to be recorded and viewed without the risk of draining the battery.

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