Wireless Interconnectable Smoke Alarms

10 Year Lithium non-Removeable Battery & 240 Volt Smoke Alarms.

All can be wirelessly connected to each other and a smoke alarm wall mounted controller via an RF Module.

The upcoming smoke alarm legislation requirements for privately owned homes in Queensland are drawing closer each day. With this fact in mind, there has been an increasing interest in purchasing smoke alarms that fully comply with the new legislation.

To recap, this legislation includes that the smoke alarms :

• Must be photoelectric alarms (Australian Standard AS 3786-2014)
• Interconnected to every other smoke alarm
• Powered by the mains electricity supply or a non-removable battery with a 10-year battery life

With the ever-growing enquiries to our office with regards to this, Homewatch Security Services would like to introduce our just released new range of 10 Year Lithium Non-Removeable Battery and 240 Volt smoke alarms.
All can be easily connected wirelessly to each other via an RF Module as per required with the new legislation.
Also available is a Smoke Alarm Controller, which can be mounted on a wall in easy reach. (Unlike smoke alarm hush buttons etc. on smoke alarm units mounted on the ceiling).

The smoke alarm controller has the following key features.

o Test the smoke alarms: it can test all the RF Smoke alarms and triggers the alarms.
o Locate the smoke alarms: it can locate the RF smoke alarms by simply silence all the smoke alarms except the one that triggered the alarm.
o Silence: It will silence all the triggered smoke alarms
o Alarm/fire indicator : The red alarm led will be on constantly when the alarm is triggered.
o Low Battery indicator: The yellow led will blink when the remote controller battery is low.

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