Blackout Lights


What Exactly is a Blackout Light?

A Blackout Light is an automatic emergency light, wall lamp and flashlight…all in one!

It is an emergency light that automatically comes on when there is a power cut or blackout.

It can also be used as a rechargeable torch, or a wall lamp in a room. It is very versitile.

With the Blackout Light you also always have a fully charged flashlight. It has potential for camping, caravans, commercial vehicles, shop security, businesses, restaurants, nursing homes, retirement villages etc.

How does it work?

It works by converting the normal 240 volt power to 12 volt power by way of the converter. It has a built in sensor that enables the flashlight to activate the moment a power cut occurs, thus providing an automatic emergency light. In the event of a power cut when you’re not home, it has a built in timer that switches itself off after 10 minutes to save battery charge. If you are at home and light is required you just flick the switch off then on and you will receive at least 5 hours of light.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, it comes with 2 wall plugs and 2 screws, and can be installed within minutes. All you need is a standard power point. No electrician needed! It is very easy to install, and we can even arrange to do the installation if you wish.

Homewatch Security Services and Smoke Alarm Professionals are the Australian distributor of the Blackout Light

To Summarise

Automatically turns on when the power goes off
Great for blackouts – Never be left in the dark!!
Can be used as a rechargeable torch
Does not require batteries (It is rechargeable)
Remains fully charged, ready for emergencies
Perfect for the home, camping, caravans, boating and aged care
Available in green and burgundy
Easy to install