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The Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm system alerts the occupant to fire using a portable wireless strobe light and under pillow vibrating pad.

Bellman Smoke Alarm Package

The Bellman Visit system alerts the user to different activities around the home including the smoke alarm, telephone, doorbell and baby cry.

You can choose to be alerted to all of these activities or just one (depending on the transmitters you purchase).

The system uses different transmitters and receivers that can be installed without tools or wiring.

It is possible to connect the flash to a power point and fit the smoke alarm to the ceiling.

Using a bright strobe light, the Flash receives a wireless signal (433.92Mhz) from the Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm.

The Flash has a connection for the Bellman Visit Bed Shaker, this provides an alert with light and vibration.

The Bellman Visit System Smoke Alarm Pack includes:

1x Bellman Visit Flash portable strobe light


Responds to the Visit Transmitters with a bright xenon flashing light and four LED indicators. Provides connection for one BedShaker and also can be directly connected to a telephone line.

1x Bellman Visit vibrating pad (Bed Shaker)


The Bed Shaker is placed under the pillow, and when connected to the Bellman Visit Charger, portable receiver or Visit Flash will alert you to the transmitters placed throughout the house.

1x Bellman Visit 9V smoke alarm


Transmits an alarm signal to every Visit receiver in range regardless of radio channel setting. The light in the test button flashes to indicate normal battery status. The Smoke Alarm transmitter also sends a warning signal to the Visit receivers when the battery is low. The transmitter emits an alarm sound which is in the normal range (2.7KHz)

There are other Bellman Visit transmitters and receivers that work in conjunction with each other.

Please contact our office for more information on these products.

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