GPS Emergency Dialler and Tracker

GPS Tracker

  1. The GPS pendant is light weight, (approx. 35 grams, same weight as 3—20 cent coins,) it is comfortable and light enough to wear around the neck or on a key ring.
  2. With the pendant working off the mobile phone network you can go almost anywhere knowing your call for help is only a press of a button away.
  3. Press the SOS button for 3 seconds and it will TEXT and CALL up to 3 emergency contact numbers, whoever answers the call is able to speak directly with the user in a 2 way conversation. A text message including a link to Google Maps showing the users GPS location is also sent to the emergency contacts.
  4. Anyone knowing the users number can call this number and it will automatically answer in speaker phone mode thus allowing you and the user to talk and listen to each other.
  5. The pendant can be used as a phone as it is capable of making and receiving calls through the pendant. Outgoing calls can be made by pressing the button on the side of the unit (not the SOS on the front) thereby allowing calls to be made to the 2nd listed emergency call number only, it will not call the 1st or the 3rd number listed.
  6. If any of the contacts wish to find the location of the user, they only need to text the letters “loc” to the phone number of the GPS detector and they will receive a reply text with a link to the location on Google maps.
  7. The unit also has the ability to detect a fall. If detected an alarm is activated, if the user does not deactivate this alarm by simply pressing the middle button of the unit, the fall detector will call the 3 numbers listed and advise them by text message “DAD’S HAD A FALL” or whatever message has been recorded on the GPS.
  8. The pendant can also be set as a movement alert which must be set at a minimum of 50 meters.E.G.   if the tracker is set on 100  meters and movement is detected outside this limit an alarm will be sent to the preset no’s. This distance can only be set on 50 meters plus.This command is known as the GEO-FENCE ALARM.