Fire Safety Kit

quell-fire-kit      See March/April Special

Get ready for summer with yout QUELL Home Fire Safety Kit.

This Kit includes:

1 x Quell Home / Vehicle / Marine 1kg 1A:10B:E Fire Extinguisher

– Suitable for fire protection in the home, garage, vehicle, caravan and boat

– Checking to read pressire gauage for checking working order

– Dry powder extinguisher (1kg)

– Comes with high strength plastic mounting bracket and instructions for usage

– 5 year warranty

– Australian Standards Rated 1A:10B:E

1 x QUELL 1.0m x .1.0m Fire Blanket

A fast efficient way to control one of the most dangerous types of domestic fire – the ignition of cooking oil on the kitchen stove. With a Quell fire blanket located in the kitchen between the stove an the kitchen exit you can quickly control this common fire hazard and prevent the damage spreading. Comes with a 6 year warranty.

We are selling this product for $38.50 Including GST. (pickup only)

Call our office for freight charges if you need this sent to you.

Don’t let summer fires get the better of your home.